Scott Blewett

“Shoutout to Alex for training me this off season! Can’t wait to take what we worked on to the mound!

– Scott Blewett, Right-Handed Pitcher
Kansas City Royals

Scott Blewett 2017-2018 Off-Season Training

Matt Brooks

“Can’t thank Alex enough for all the hard work we put in this off season! I met with Alex and we discussed specific goals for my off season plan and we accomplished them and much more! If you’re serious about enhancing your game Alex is the best of the best!”

– Matt Brooks, Outfielder/Infielder
Miami Marlins

Matt Brooks 2017-2018 Off-Season Training

Joe Deluca 

“Before this summer I’ve always struggled with speed and strength training. I was never fast, and ran a 7.3, 60 yard dash. It held me back in what I could do on the field, especially at Saint Rose for my junior season. So this summer, when I got the chance to play in Syracuse, and found out Alex was here too, I jumped at the opportunity to work together.  When we started working out, I saw results instantly. I was moving better behind the plate. I was running faster, and scouts were loving how agile and quick I had gotten. The same holds true for my swing. From a bat speed standpoint, my hands feel quick and strong  to the ball, and I’m hoping to really light it up in school ball. I lowered my 60 yard dash time from a 7.3 to a 6.8, and lowered my pop time behind the plate from a 2.1 to a 1.8. I’ve never been in this good a shape before. Alex has definitely been a turning point in my career.”

– Joe Deluca, Catcher/First Baseman
Professional Baseball Player – Frontier League

Nick Sinay 

“Thanks for all the training this off season Alex! I’m ready to get after it this season!”

-Nick Sinay, Outfielder
Toronto Blue Jays

Yale Hughes 

This off-season my goals were to get bigger and more powerful. I weighed 183 pounds when I arrived (December 6, 2016) and now (January 12, 2017) I weigh 195 pounds and I am much more powerful. Alex made me a meal plan that made sense and was specifically tailored to my needs. The training atmosphere while working with Alex was awesome for making gains. Being surrounded by athletes that do the right thing and are pushing each other to improve is the best environment for reaching your goals. While training with Alex I also performed a weighted ball throwing program. My arm feels stronger than ever and I’m extremely excited to see how it translates on the field. If you’re serious about improving your game I would highly suggest training with Alex. If you are content with mediocrity then I wouldn’t recommend Alex’s services.

-Yale Hughes, Starting Pitcher/Outfielder 
Professional Baseball Player – Pecos League

Camillo Spinoso

Alex is the best trainer in all of sports right now. I would not be where I am today without him as my trainer. Growing up I focused a lot on fundamental skills on the baseball field, but never really knew what I was doing in the weight room. I would work out consistently, but would only do the basics (bench, squat, and deadlift). Alex helped me take my game to the next level by writing workout programs that maximized my potential. Not only does Alex write the best workout programs, I have never met someone as passionate as him. Alex is constantly learning about fitness and how to make his athletes better. He also is willing to do whatever is necessary to get his athletes better. Whether it was texting him late at night about a workout or meal plan, to training me at 6 am over the winter before I had to go into work, Alex has always been there for me. I attribute a lot of my success to him and am happy to consider him a dear friend. I am excited to see what the future holds for him!

-Camillo Spinoso, Catcher
LeMoyne College

Anthony Santoro

“Simone Baseball Performance has given me the knowledge and ability to train for baseball specifically, while building the strength to compete at the highest level. As I am entering my junior year at Youngstown State University, I can’t think of a better way to prepare for the season than training with Alex. I’m looking forward to coming back in the winter and preparing for the 2017 season as we open up against Georgia Tech. I recommend training with Alex to anyone who takes their sport seriously and wants to take their game to the next level.”

-Anthony Santoro, Catcher
Youngstown State University

Kaleb Kille

I’m from Binghamton, NY and drove an hour and half to two hours sometimes depending on traffic, three times per week to train with Alex, because I knew it was worth it. I came to see Alex after a knee injury (Sprained PCL and MCL) which forced me to miss most of my high school senior baseball season. Alex knew exactly what to do to get my knee healthy and it’s never felt better. After working with him all summer, I feel strong, and confident going back to school knowing I’m in the best shape of my life. Training with the college group has been awesome because it’s an extremely competitive environment where everyone’s pushing each other to be the best. When your training with Alex, it’s not just another workout you’re going through. Every exercise Alex gives me, and the other guys, has a purpose. It’s always baseball specific, and he’s always wanting us to get better and better no matter what. He’s always in constant contact with all the guys making sure we are staying on track with all our meals and goals. He doesn’t just show up and give us a workout to do and go home. No matter if it’s 11 o’clock at night or 2 o’clock in the afternoon he’s always there for us, because he cares and wants us to reach our goals no matter what. I recommend Alex to anyone out there who wants to take their game to the next level.

-Kaleb Kille, Catcher/First Baseman 
Niagara County Community College

Luigi Mendez

“I’m going back this semester with a positive mindset feeling prepared for my final season thanks to this off-season program. Appreciate the help Alex. Highly recommended training program!”

-Luigi Mendez, Infielder
University of West Alabama

Frankie Gregoire

“Best in-season workouts I’ve done. They keep my body healthy and in shape while making sure I’m not fatigued while playing day in and day out.”

-Frankie Gregoire, Outfielder
Marist College

Luis Navedo

“Thanks to Alex for keeping me strong all season long. It’s been a huge difference from past years with my physical preparation. With this in season program I’ve been able to recover, build, and maintain all my muscles effectively. There is no more soreness the day after the games! I strongly recommend Alex’s In – Season program.”

-Luis Navedo, Outfielder
LaRoche College

Colin Williamson 

Alex and I had the opportunity to train and play with one another throughout our college career. He was THE person you wanted in the weight room for his weight training expertise and ability to coach. I had the pleasure of training with Alex for the ’15-’16 season which turned out to be my most successful year yet. The problem that I encountered before training with Alex was my body’s urge to plateau. The diversity in his lifts and combination of chaotic, dynamic, plyometric, etc. styles was the extra push my muscles needed to overcome this effect of standard lifting. As a result, I was able to gain 10 pounds more of solid muscle that I wasn’t able to build prior using other routines. Not only did I get stronger, but I became much more flexible; I was less sore after each game. Alex’s maintenance lifts were my favorite part about the entire program. Once strength is acquired, the hardest part throughout the season is keeping that same strength level. But with his program, I was able to maintain my weight, strength, and flexibility. Being physically prepared brings with it the asset of knowledge of being mentally prepared. With the help of this program, I was able to take my game to another level. In short, I would recommend Simone’s Baseball Performance to any player who wishes to be the strongest he/she can be. Alex will not disappoint. His training will not disappoint. The results will not disappoint.

-Colin Williamson, Shortstop
LaRoche College

Emmett Dunn

Deciding to work with Alex last summer was the best decision i’ve ever made. After a strong freshman year at St. Lawrence, I knew I could be better. All I had to was work harder and Alex made sure that I did this. Alex was very organized; he would plan out the training sessions for the whole week in advance. He would also plan each workout around the day that I pitched, to make sure that I was in the best physical condition for my start. In the beginning of the summer I told Alex that I wanted to put on twenty pounds. His response was very confident and he said that “if you listen to me and do what I tell you, you can easily reach that goal”. So I listened to him and he was right, after the summer and training with Alex four times a week, I put on twenty pounds of muscle like that. Alex was extremely helpful to me and he also created a enjoyable environment to train in. He gave me a great program to follow that my teammates and I have been using here at St. Lawrence. Alex is a great trainer and I would recommend him to any baseball player serious about improving their game.

-Emmett Dunn, Starting Pitcher 
Ithaca College

Ricky Sisto 

Working with Alex has been hands down the best training experience I’ve ever had. I’ve been working out for awhile and so far nothing has even come close to the work I’ve done at Simone Baseball Performance. I’ve been through the weight room life at the Division 1 level and it was good, but with Alex it was better. Serious, professional workouts. Workouts that major league ball players would do, or any highly trained athlete for that matter. In fact, many times I’d get the pleasure of being able to workout right beside professional athletes. Not very often do you get to work with someone who has been through the things you want to go through and has achieved some of the goals you aspire to reach one day. Alex is that guy. He loves what he does and he doesn’t cheat himself or the guys he trains for a second. Nothing like getting that late night text saying he’s got a good one for us in the morning. And sure enough, come 11 am he did. He knows what he’s talking about down to a science, I trust everything he tells me. Simply because it works. And in just couple weeks that was proven true for me, it payed off. In all honesty I wish I could have hopped on the Simone Gainz Train a long time ago, God only knows where I’d be performance wise now. I came to him with a goal to get quicker, faster, stronger, and improve my lifting techniques. I reached those goals and more. The stuff we did was no joke, and Alex is just the man. You’re not going to find someone or something much better for the price and availability he brings to the table. I’d recommend him to any athlete serious about improving their performance, pushing past their limits, reaching their goals, and living their dreams. It’s been an opportunity I’ll always be thankful for.

Ricky Sisto, Infielder 
Cortland State University

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