Now YOU can train with Simone’s Baseball Performance WHEREVER You Live!

Do YOU want to improve your Strength? Bat Speed? Pitching Velocity? Or Sprinting Speed? Can’t make it out to the gym to train with me directly? Now you can with Simone Baseball Performance Online Training Programs! 

I’m Alex Simone, a former Major League Baseball Draft Pick, and Professional Baseball Player. I am a sought after baseball strength and conditioning coach with over 10 years of personal training for baseball. I’ve worked with professional baseball players, elite college and high school players, as well as middle school baseball players in preparation for their baseball season.

I’ve also struggled throughout most of my middle school and high school career in training for baseball. I was slow, out of shape, weak, and short, the perfect combination to be drafted by a major league baseball team right? 

When I tried to workout and or improve my athleticism I was easily persuaded by the newest gimmicks in the fitness industry that never worked. It wasn’t until I finally started reading and educating myself that I began to see results. 

The sport of baseball is extremely underserved in the strength and conditioning field, and I’m here to change that! I want middle school, high school, college, and even professional baseball players to have access to the information I never had to improve their game! I want to help YOU reach your full potential and achieve YOUR dream! 


First, we will schedule a 30-60 minute Skype(or phone) call consultation where I ask you questions so I can figure out your goals, injury history, previous training history, etc. Within two days of conducting your consultation I will send you an email containing a FULL 4 – Week Training Program Customized to YOU.

Direct Access to ME, Alex Simone

At the end of each week I want you to check in with me and talk about how the workouts went and make changes if they seem fit. I also encourage you to send videos of yourself training so I can see your doing the exercises correctly. 


Alex’s Online Strength Program has played a significant part in taking my game to the next level. I have seen improvements in strength, speed, and especially flexibility. Alex separates himself from other trainers who just give you a generic program to follow. He runs a thorough evaluation and customizes a program specific to YOUR needs and goals. Not only are you receiving a great training program, Alex communicates with all his clients and constantly stays on top of things to allow you to reach your goals! This is the program you want if you are looking to take yourself to the next level and become a better baseball player/athlete.

-Kaleb Kille (College Baseball Player)

The Simone Baseball Performance Online Program has been extremely beneficial to me in the past two months. I have improved my strength, speed, and I am always feeling great on game days thanks to Alex’s program. Alex’s program has the perfect combination of strength, and explosive exercises that without a doubt have improved my performance on the field. Alex is always there to answer my questions and to motivate me to go harder every single day! There’s nothing better than a coach that not only knows what he is doing, but is also there for you whenever you need him. I have nothing but positive things to say about this program and I absolutely recommended online programming for everyone that can’t directly train with Alex one on one.

-Luigi Mendez (Former College & Current Professional Baseball Player)

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