5 Reasons to Add Chains to your Training


If you’ve been following me for awhile you know we implement chains a lot in our training. Here’s 5 reasons why…

1. Strength & Power

When programmed and set-up properly chains are great for improving absolute strength and explosive power. We will typically add chains to squats and deadlifts on dynamic-effort day for speed-strength and acceleration and max-effort day to develop absolute strength.

2. Loading Body Weight Movements

Often times it becomes challenging to load body weight movements comfortably/effectively. Chains allow you to load exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, inverted rows, and hip thrusts more efficiently.

3. Safety

Chains are a great way to to match an athletes strength curve and teach them not to get lazy at the strongest portion of the lift. In addition, chains can also be great for taller athletes as the weight is deloaded at the most vulnerable position.

4. Body Weight Drop Sets/Challenges

We love incorporating drop sets and challenges into our workouts. Chains make it easy to to do this. Here’s White Sox C, Ivan Gonzalez crushing one of our favorites – Chain Weighted Push-Up Massacre.

To complete this challenge you will need 100 LB of chains. With 100 LB of chains on your back you will complete 8-10 total reps. After you have done this you will take half the weight off your back and complete 6-8 total reps. To conclude the drop set you will take all the chains off your back and try to complete as many reps as possible with just your body weight.

5. They’re BAD ASS

What’s more bad ass then throwing chains on your back and crushing a set of push ups? Nothing. Just ask Lance Little who set our facility record for push-ups by completing 5 reps with 170 pounds of chains + 20 LB vest on his back!

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