TOP 10 SPEED DRILLS (Acceleration, Top Speed, Game Speed)


Today I’m counting down 10 of my favorite drills for improving SPEED! This list of drills is comprised of Multi-Directional, Top Speed, Chaotic, and Acceleration speed drills. Enjoy! -Alex

10. Multi-Directional Push-up Sprint: I think it’s important to perform sprints out of awkward positions (EX:Multi-Directional PU Sprint). By doing this you’re exposing your body to multiple planes of motion – similar to how you would on the field, playing your sport

9. Curved Sprinting: As you get closer to starting your season it becomes extremely important to simulate sprint paths that are used on the field. If your body isn’t use to working in multiple planes/directions you’re putting yourself at risk of a lower limb injury.

8. Half-Kneeling Sprint: With this exercise you’re forced to overcome your body mass and drive off your front leg to project yourself forward into your sprint. By doing this your able to develop tremendous starting strength on each leg.

7. Reactive Mirror Drill: This drill requires you to react to visual and vocal cues in an unpredictable environment – similar to how you would on the field playing your sport. Video of this drill can be found below under speed drill #4 (partner tag drills).

6. Mountain Climber Sprint: I like utilizing this drill with my athletes as it rehearses the motor pattern of “driving one knee forward (positive shin angle) and fully extending the other leg backward”.

5. Falling Sprint: Similar to the mountain climber and push-up sprint, this drill will set you up for success by starting you at an optimal angle for acceleration.

4. Partner Tag Drill: Partner “tag” drills (similar to the mirror drill) are awesome for athletes of all ages because they will simulate the athlete in a chaotic (unpredictable) environment. The same environment you’re faced with on the field playing your sport.

3. Flying Sprints: This is a great drill you can use for developing basic sprinting fundamentals as it applies to force application, relaxation, stride frequency, and stride length.

2. Hill Sprints: Hill sprints will help you run in the correct form of acceleration and improve force application with each foot strike.

1. Push-up Sprint: This is one my favorite drills because it can be utilized with athletes of all ages to help reinforce a positive shin angle.

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