How To: Build Muscle and Lose Body Fat


I’ve been getting a good amount of nutrition questions lately via DM, email, etc. so I figured today would be the perfect day to talk about some super simple steps you guys can take in lowering your body fat percentage as well as build muscle!

Step 1: Eat for Performance – Eat for what your body needs at a specific time of day!

Example 1: Following a practice/game or training session – If you just completed a strenuous workout or game/practice you need to fuel your body with the proper nutrients it needs to restore glycogen levels, and repair muscle tissue.

Example 2: Before a practice/game or training session – Before an event or training session you need to provide your body with proper nutrients it needs to FUEL the practice/game or workout.

Example 3: Inactivity – if you’re highly inactive one day (I don’t suggest this) then you don’t need to be eating as many macronutrients (Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat) as your body doesn’t need to fuel any physical activity.

Step 2: Consume Nutrient Dense Foods – the quality of food you’re consuming on a day to day basis NEEDS to be of high quality! Here’s some examples of high quality macronutrients:

High Quality Carbohydrates: White Rice, Brown Rice, Jasmine Rice, All Fruits, Sweet Potatoes, White Potatoes

High Quality Proteins: Eggs, All Fish, Turkey, Chicken, Steak, Ground Beef, Greek Yogurt, Cottage Cheese, etc.

High Quality Fats: Avocados, All Raw Nuts, Coconut Oil, Fats from Red Meat

Step 3: Strength Train (3-5 times per week) – This should be pretty self-explanatory but training three to five times a week in accordance with your goals is a guaranteed way to build muscle and lower body fat percentage!

Step 4: Sleep 7-10 HRS a Night –  If you’re looking to maximize recovery, build muscle, and drop some body fat getting at least 7 hours of sleep NEEDS to be a priority!





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