Using Overcoming Isometrics to Build Strength, Speed, and Power


What are Overcoming Isometrics?

To perform overcoming isometrics properly, you need to have the intent/apply as much force as possible to try and move an immovable object. This type of training will yield tremendous improvements in neural drive, increase strength in specific ranges of motion, and improve force production, which is crucial to maximizing power output.

I personally have applied this training method to my athletes training programs in the off-season and in-season with great success. Additionally, myself and Jason Kanzler have utilized tons of overcoming isometric pairings in our Athlete Body Weight Training Program.

Below I have included some examples of overcoming isometric drills I will typically program for my athletes. Notice the intent on each repetition shown below. As I previously noted above, when performing overcoming isometrics your intent NEEDS to be maximal.

Programming Overcoming Isometrics

I feel it’s best to program overcoming isometrics on high CNS training sessions. A high CNS training day will consist of movements that are most taxing to the body’s central nervous system. These high demanding days will typically include sprints, jumps, plyometrics, medball throws, and heavy lower body lifting. With my athletes, I’ve had the best results by programming overcoming isometrics as part of a contrast pairing with sprints, jumps, plyometrics, and ballistic medicine ball throws. By performing an overcoming isometric drill prior to sprints, jumps, plyo’s, and medball throws you’re getting your nervous system to fire on all cylinders and improving the output on the sprint, jump, plyometric, or medball drill that follows.

No Training Equipment? No Problem!

With many athletes not having much access to training equipment I feel utilizing overcoming isometrics in your training can be a great way to drastically improve sprinting speed, strength, and power. In our Athlete Body Weight Training Program, we utilize overcoming isometrics on high output training days three days per week to accomplish all of the above.

Here’s a few contrast pairings straight from our Athlete Body Weight Training Program

Overcoming Isometric Contrast Pairings

Example 1:

A1. Split-Stance Isometric Car Deadlift 3 sets x 5 seconds
A2. 30-Yard Max-Effort Sprint 3 sets x 30 yards each sprint

Example 2:

A1. Split-Stance Isometric Wall Push 3 sets x 5 seconds
A2. Alt. Split-Stance Forward Moving Switch Jumps 3 sets x 5 jumps per side

Athlete Body Weight Training Program

As I’ve mentioned in this article, myself and Jason Kanzler have programmed overcoming isometrics EXTENSIVELY in our brand new Athlete Body Weight Training Program. If you’re an athlete that doesn’t have access to any training equipment this program is for YOU!

I want to conclude this article by thanking you for reading this post. I hope this information was able to help you. If you have any additional questions please feel free to email me:

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