Strategies for HS, College, and Pro Baseball Players Impacted by the Corona Virus


Over the past few days I’ve received lot of questions regarding what to do now since the corona virus has caused schools, and teams to cancel/postpone their season. For this post, I wanted to provide you guys with some strategies you can use to take advantage of this time.

Players Whose Season Is Suspended:

Keep your on-field outputs high. Treat this time as it’s the end of your off season. Your skill work still NEEDS to be the biggest priority. Hitting, throwing, and sprinting are most important. As far as what you should be doing in the weight room, I would treat this training period more like a peaking phase. Outputs need to stay high as you could start playing at any time. Weight room volume and intensity should be slightly higher than your in-season training but not so much to impact your on-field skill work.

If you’re looking for a specific training program to follow during this time our College Baseball Off-Season Training Program would be a fantastic option. We created this program for college baseball players and advanced high school baseball players to peak them for the season. This program is 8 weeks long so you can use this for up to two months depending on when you start playing games.

If you’re interested in learning more information regarding this program, CLICK HERE – College Baseball Off-Season Training Program

Players Whose Season Is Cancelled:

If you’re someone that knows you won’t start playing for another few months I would really take advantage of this training window. Ask yourself, what aspect of my game do I need to improve the most? Maybe you need to get faster? Stronger? Improve your swing? Whatever it is, take advantage of this opportunity to develop your game/skills. For example, maybe you’re someone that didn’t play all fall. If this is the case, get on the field as much as possible and improve your skills. On the opposite end of the spectrum, maybe you need to spend more time on getting stronger. If this is the case, it would be in your best interest to spend more time in the weight room. My advice for you is to run a self check on yourself and figure out what are some key aspects of your game you need to improve upon at this time. Model your training over the next few months on improving those.

Here’s some of our popular off-season training programs that you can use during this time to help improve certain aspects of your game. Below I have included links to each of our programs. If you’re interested in learning more information about any program just click the link below.

Speed Development Program

Medicine Ball Power Development Program

High School Baseball Off-Season Training Program

College Baseball Off-Season Training Program

No Training Equipment? No Problem! Develop strength, speed, and power with our 8-week Body Weight Training Program! The methods outlined in this book are simple and have withstood the test of time, but do not mistake simple for easy or ineffective.  Done properly, high intensity body weight training can provide enormous gains in output and performance. For more information regarding this program CLICK HERE – 8-Week Athlete Body Weight Training Program

I hope this article was helpful! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to send me an email –

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