Want to Get Faster? RUN HILLS (FULL WORKOUT)


If you’re someone who’s looking to improve their speed it doesn’t get much better than hill sprints!

By running hills you can see experience these benefits: Improvements to your acceleration mechanics, lower body strength, work capacity, hip flexor strength, and force application!

Choosing a Hill:

Make sure you don’t choose a hill that’s too steep. Choose a hill that has more of a gradual incline and forces you run with a forward lean.

Rest Period Guidelines for Hill Sprints:

Monitoring rest when training for speed is extremely important as you don’t want to fall into a lactic zone which is the result of insufficient rest periods (you cannot get faster in a lactic environment). Make sure you take at least 60 sec rest for every 10 yards you sprint

Lower Body Speed & Power Workout:

Here’s a complete lower body speed and power workout I used with my professional baseball players this past week. Give this workout a try and let me know what you guys think!

Complete Speed Training Program:

Looking for a sprinting program that YOU can use? I got you covered! Check out Six Stages of Speed a Complete 8 Week Speed Program

Stages of Speed is an 8-week protocol designed to increase your speed through an intensive twice-per-week schedule. With targeted mobility work, drills that address rhythm, relaxation, and efficiency, central nervous system primers, force production plyometrics, and full speed sprints from various starting positions, this is the crash course in speed improvement you’ve been waiting for. Join the THOUSANDS of athletes that have already benefitted from this program! Click HERE for more information!

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