Relief Pitcher Warm-Up Routine


Here’s a quick series I put together for Chapman RHP, Nick Garcia this summer that he’s been using prior to coming into games for us (Orleans Firebirds CCBL) out of the pen.

What’s awesome about this routine is that you don’t need any special equipment to perform any of the exercises. In addition, you don’t need much space, and it’s super short – it takes Gar about 5 minutes to perform the entire series before he picks up a ball and starts throwing in the bullpen.

Bullpen Get-Hot Routine
1. Jumping Jacks x 25 reps
2. Seal Jacks x 25 reps
3. Leg Swings Up and Down/Side-to-Side x 10 reps each
4. Scapular Push-Up x 12 reps
5. Quadruped Fire Hydrant x 25 reps/side
6. Rollover V-Sit W/Reach x 12 reps
7. Dynamic Arm Circles Forward and Backward x 20 reps each
8. No-Money Whip x 20 reps
9. Phelps Arm Swings x 20 reps
10. Running High Knees in Place 2 sets x 5 sec. max-effort / Rest: 45 sec

Give this a try next time you come out of pen and let me know what you think!

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