10 Reasons Why All Athletes Should Sprint


Here’s 10 reasons why I feel ALL athletes should sprint at all times of the year:

Reason 1: Sprinting Improves Strength

Reason 2: Sprinting Improves Lower Body Power

Reason 3: Sprinting Improves Speed

Reason 4: Sprinting Strengthens the Posterior Chain (Glutes, Hamstrings, Core Musculature)

Reason 5: Sprinting Improves Body Composition and Accelerates Fat Loss

Reason 6: Sprinting Improves Work Capacity and Endurance

Reason 7: Sprinting Builds Muscle

Reason 8: Sprinting Builds a More Efficient Neuromuscular System

Reason 9: Sprinting Improves Athleticism

Reasons 10: Sprinting Improves Mental Cognition

Moral of the story, if you’re not sprinting you’re missing out on considerable improvements to your game!

Complete Speed Training Program

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