How To – Develop True Core Strength


Here’s some of what we feel are the best training techniques to build an indestructible midesection!

Step 1: Breathe Properly

When you breathe diaphragmatically (deep in your stomach) you’re strengthening and engaging all the muscles of the inner core. To breathe diaphragmatically, you should be taking a big inhale through your nose and expanding your diaphragm three-dimensionally, filling up your stomach and low back with air. Your stomach should rise before your chest.

Step 2: Brace Properly

Proper bracing involves tensing your midsection to make it extremely rigid. Bracing is so important due to it’s involvement in virtually every exercise. However, some exercises require a more intense brace than others. Compound movements like squats and deadlifts will require a more intensive brace than low intensity core stability drills like planks. This is why squatting and deadlifting are tremendous exercises to develop true core strength!

Step 3: Train Anti-ExtensionCore prevents your low back from going into extension

Our Favorites Exercises: Planks, Rollouts, Deadbugs

Step 4: Train Anti-RotationResisting forces that are trying to rotate your body

Our Favorites Exercises: Chops, Lifts, Pallof Presses

Step 5: Train Anti-Lateral FlexionResisting lateral flexion or side-bending

Our Favorite Exercises: Loaded Carries, Side Planks

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