Pre-Game Baseball Warm-Up


Many high school, college, and professional players have a hard time performing a proper pre-game warm-up. As a solution to this problem, I created a full body pre-game warm up that you can use before games this spring and summer!

This pre-game baseball warm-up will:

  • Increase core temperature
  • Improve range of motion
  • Prime your central nervous system
  • Allow you to get into better positions
  • Reduce the potential for injury
  • Improve the ability of your muscles to contract
  • Improve strength and power potential
  • Improve work capacity

Here’s the full warm-up write up:

  • Skip W/Big Arm Circles FWD/BWD x 60 total yards
  • Side Shuffle W/Pec Stretch x 30/side
  • Walking Inchworm W/Ankle Bounce x 8
  • Quadruped Fire Hydrant x 20/side
  • Lunge to Rotation x 10/side
  • Quadruped Cat Camel x 12 reps
  • Reverse Lunge to Reach x 10/side
  • Prone Y, T, W Switch x 1 min
  • Rollover V-Sit x 12 reps
  • Alternating Cossack x 8/side
  • Arm Circles FWD/BWD x 20 reps each
  • No-Money Whip x 20 reps
  • High Pogo Hops x 10 reps
  • Jump Tucks x 4
  • Push-Up Sprint 2 x 10 yards
  • Side-Shuffle to Sprint 1-2 x 30 Yards
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