Full Body Strength Workout – Workout of The Week (Week 10)


Last night my man Alex Crysler (Onondaga High School) Pitcher/SS threw a complete game shout-out and struck out 8 batters. Today he was back in the gym putting in WORK and taking advantage of having the next 6 days off before his next game.

📝Here’s today’s workout and why I chose each exercise for Alex

1A. SSB Reverse Lunge up to 6RM – For athletes I feel there’s nothing more important than unilateral lower body strength. Think about it… is your sport played on two legs?
1B. Plank Marches x30 sec – This is a progression from a regular plank I’ve been using with Alex to give his core more of a stability challenge.

2A. Explosive Sled Rows x 20 yards – Full Body exercise where I wanted Alex to generate some power from his lower body in addition to getting some upper body pulling in.
2B. Band-Assisted Eccentric Focused Push-ups w/Chains as added weight – I know this exercise looks gimmicky but I wanted to expose Alex to heavier push-up loads so I used the band for assistance as it allowed Alex to push up out of the hole with an increased load (Chains) at same time as performing a slow eccentric on the way down.

3A. Landmine Squat x 10 reps – I like using this variation for Alex and youth athletes as it allows them to handle the load better as opposed to a barbell.
3B. Half-Kneeling Banded Chop x 10 each side – One THE BEST exercises to improve overall core strength and endurance.
3C. Barbell Hip Thrust w/Pause at the top x 10 reps – Hip extension exercise I programmed to isolate Alex’s glutes and hamstrings.

Lower/Upper Body Reset
4A. Spider-Man Lunge w/Overhead Reach (T-Spine) x 5 reps (Not in video)
4B. Forearm Wall Slides x 8 reps (Not in video) – I chose both of these exercises as a lower and upper body reset at the end of Alex’s workout. The goal with this circuit was to get some scapular movement/arm care in as well as restore ROM post workout.

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