How To: Eat Healthy on a Budget


Over the course of my playing career (especially in college) many of my teammates would come to me for nutrition advice…

College Teammate: “Alex, I would eat healthy but I just can’t afford it”


I get it, you’re broke. How can you afford to buy food for yourself each week? In my opinion, providing your body with the proper nutrients it needs on a daily basis is NON-NEGOTIABLE. There’s no reason why you can’t afford 34 to 62 dollars a week. If you have no money (which I didn’t) go work! In college I worked 30-40 hours a week at Chipotle, took 15-18 credits a semester, trained 3-6 days a week, practiced and played games 6-7 days a week. There’s no excuse. If your nutrition is important enough to you (which it was to me) you’ll get it done!

So now you must be asking: How can I eat healthy at a limited cost?

Below I listed a step-by-step guide featuring healthy foods you can choose next time you go grocery shopping…

Step 1: Pick 4-6 Protein Sources

Eggs (One Dozen Large) = $2.67
Chicken Breast (4 Breast’s) = $6.86
Almonds (14 oz) = $5.32
Greek Yogurt (32 oz) = 3.62
Tuna Fish (4-Pack) = $4.48
Ground Beef 93% lean (1 LB) = $4.96

Step 2: Pick 4-6 Carb Sources

Bananas (Bunch) = $1.42
Apples (3 LB Bag) = $2.94
White Rice (28 oz Box) = $3.38
Brown Rice (28 oz Box) = $3.38
Baked Potato (3 LB) = $3.76
Sweet Potato (3 LB Bag) = $3.94

Step 3: Pick 4-6 Vegetables

Spinach (6 oz Bag) = $1.88
Carrots (1 LB Bag) = $0.98
Broccoli (12 oz Florets = $2.48
Tomatoes (1 LB Bag) = $1.48
Peppers (Mixed Bell Peppers 3 Count) = $2.98
Asparagus (10 oz) = 3.98

Total Grocery Bill: Between $34.05 – $62.51

All food prices listed were taken from Walmart’s website 2018



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