Post – Start Full Body Strength Training – Workout of The Week (Week 9)


Post-Start Full Body Strength Workout featuring Solvay High School Pitcher – Jake Dippold. This workout was performed by Jake today (April 13, 2017) following his 7 inning win yesterday where he struck 13 batters and gave up only 1 hit! I feel it’s best to consolidate the stress (pitching and training) into a 24 hour block. The reason for this is by the time Jake makes his next start, he will be fully recovered. For those of you interested here’s how I would put together a program for a pitcher on a 5-day cycle… For the purposes of this post lets say the pitchers last outing falls on a Monday..

Monday – Last Outing
Tuesday – Lower Body Strength/Light Upper Body Strength
Wednesday – Active Recovery/General Aerobic Work/Mobility Circuits
Thursday – Upper Body Strength/Light Lower Body Strength
Friday – Active Recovery/General Aerobic Work/Mobility Circuits
Saturday – Next Outing

Here’s a breakdown of today’s workout capped by a 500LB Hip 
Thrust for a 5RM!

1A. Barbell Hip Thrust off the Floor – up to 5RM (Predominantly concentric exercise used in-season for the simple fact that it won’t make you sore. I also chose this because I wanted a main lower body exercise where I could isolate his glutes and hamstrings)
1B. Y,T,I Raises on Incline Bench – 8-10 cycles each letter (Auxiliary upper back strength/cuff work)

2A. SSB Reverse Lunge 3×8 each leg (I believe Single-leg strength exercises should be in every athletes programs. Rowing is the only sport not played on one leg.)
2B. Feet-Elevated Push-ups 3×10 (No load today for Jake. I wanted to get some horizontal pressing in and push-ups are usually my answer as they provide for really good scapular movement)

3A. Single-Arm Banded Row 3×10 (Light Row variation where again the goal was to get some scapular movement)
3B. Forearm Wall Slides 3×10 (Arm care exercise used to drive good scapular upward rotation and maintain good ball and socket congruency)

4A. Prone Plate Switch 3×1 each way (Core/Arm Care exercise I programmed for Jake.)
4B. Rhythmic Stabilizations 3x10sec. W/banded distraction (Exercise I use quite a bit with pitchers to train their rotator cuff to reflexively fire. I like rhythmic stabs as opposed to using something like the body blade because rhythmic stabilizations are unpredictable)


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