How to Trap Bar Deadlift


Trap Bar Deadlift Technique

The Trap Bar Deadlift is one of the best exercises to implement in your in-season training programs to preserve lower body strength and power! It’s also one of the most common exercises that’s performed WRONG!

Trap Bar Deadlift Checklist

1️⃣Set-Up with your feet just under your hips.

Load into the bar by performing a hip hinge with neutral posture. This will establish a good starting position. 
 Setup in a good position off the floor with your torso locked straight with your chin tucked. (You should be able to see the logo on your shirt)
Grab the bar using a “death grip” – this is where you want to squeeze the bar as hard as possible. 
Brace the core properly by taking a big diaphragmatic breath expanding your torso outward 3-dimensionally. At the peak of your inhalation you want to hold the breath and isometrically contract your core. 
Create torque/tension at the hips by driving your knees outward into your elbows. 
Create torque/tension at the shoulders and lats by performing an initial pull off the ground. 
Perform a POWERFUL leg drive once full body tension is accumulated. – My coaching cue I use with the guys is to have them “leg press the floor away from them” 
Perform a hard lockout at the top of the lift. You shouldn’t hyperextend your low back and rock your body back. You should be straight like a rod at the top.

Programming Trap Bar Deadlifts In-Season
 3-6 sets 
Perform once a week in-season
Work up to 60-70% of the athletes 1RM for no less than 5 reps

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