Workout of The Week (Week 6) In-Season Full Body Strength Workout


Earlier this week I posted a poll on my Twitter account (@SimoneTraining) asking everyone to vote on which workout they would like me to film for this week’s “Workout of The Week”. The votes are in and In-Season Training won by a landslide. Without further ado, here’s this weeks “Workout of The Week” featuring Liverpool High School Infielder, Gerard Mouton. Enjoy! -Alex

Gerard Mouton’s In Season Full Body Strength Workout 

  1. GAME DAY 12 Full Body Warm-Up:

For more information about this warm-up Click Here

2A. Inverted Row w/Bridge
2B. Trap Bar Deadlift
2C. 1-Arm DB Bulgarian Split Squat from Deficit

3. Lower Body Reset: 90/90 Hip Flow

4A. Feet-Elevated Weighted Push-Ups
4B. Dumbbell Goblet Squats
4C. Bouncing Inchworm to Plank

5. Upper Body Reset: Yoga Push-Ups

To watch each exercise being performed by Gerard click here

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