Workout of The Week (Week 4) In-Season Lower Body Strength Training


LeMoyne College Catcher/Infielder, Camillo Spinoso is fortunate enough to live in Syracuse, NY and train with me two to four times a week (based on game and practice schedule/recovery). Therefore, I can constantly monitor his workload on the field in accordance with our training. Camillo doesn’t play until Saturday so we were able to get two quality lower body training days in this week. Today’s lower body workout was designed for him to get some strength work in without taxing his system for his games this weekend.

Camillo Spinoso In-Season Lower Body Strength Workout

1. Heavy Sled Push 6 sets x 20 yards

2A. Assisted Cossack Squat (Holding onto Power Rack) w/one chain 3 sets x 6 reps each leg
2B. Band Pull Aparts (Not in Video) 3 sets x 20 reps

3A. Deadbug w/Banded Distraction 3 sets x 1 min
3B. Single-Leg Chain Hip Thrust 3 sets x 8 reps each leg
3C. Yoga Push-Ups 3 sets x 10 reps

Watch Camillo Spinoso’s FULL Workout HERE:

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