Workout of The Week (Week 1) High School Strength, Speed, and Power Workout


High School Baseball Athletes Full Body Strength, Speed, and Power Workout

Performed by:

Seth Reisman (Fayetteville-Manlius High School)
Joe Gaeta (Fayetteville-Manlius High School)
Gerard Mouton (Liverpool High School)
Ryan Syrko (Liverpool High School)

  1. Game Day 12 Full Body Warm-Up: 

For More Information About This Warm-Up Click HERE

2. COMPETITION – Reactive Head to Head Mountain Climber Sprint Starts 8 total sprints x 15 Yards each sprint w/maximum recovery
3. Split Squat Jumps for Height 3 sets x 10 total jumps (5 jumps each leg)
4. COMPETITION – Backward Sled Drags 3 sets x 15 yards
5A. Tire Battles 3 sets x 10 sec
5B. Partner Banded Y,T,W Isometric Holds 3 sets x 15 sec hold each letter
6. “Stop and Go” Farmer Carries 3 sets x 30 sec w/random vocal cues from coach (Stop, Go, Backwards)

Added Note: Exercises grouped A and B are to be superseded together (Tire Battles and Banded Y,T,W

Watch this FULL Workout Here:

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