College Baseball Off-Season Training 2016-2017


As all the college athletes are back at school and ready to begin the 2017 season, I wanted to show a behind the scenes look at some of our training this off-season. I can honestly say no one is more prepared for this season than these guys!!!

2016-2017 College Baseball Off-Season Training Class:

Camillo Spinoso (LeMoyne College)
Joe Deluca (Saint Rose College)
Anthony Santoro (Youngstown State University)
Kaleb Kille (Niagara County Community College)
Ricky Sisto (Monroe Community College)
Emmett Dunn (St. Lawrence University)
Sam Spadafore (Cochise College)
Yale Hughes (West Liberty University)
Dillan Wilkinson (St. John Fisher College)

What they’re saying about training at Simone Baseball Performance this Off-Season…

This off-season my goals were to get bigger and more powerful. I weighed 183 pounds when I arrived (December 6, 2016) and now (January 12, 2017) I weigh 195 pounds and I am much more powerful. Alex made me a meal plan that made sense and was specifically tailored to my needs. The training atmosphere while working with Alex was awesome for making gains. Being surrounded by athletes that do the right thing and are pushing each other to improve is the best environment for reaching your goals. While training with Alex I also performed a weighted ball throwing program. My arm feels stronger than ever and I’m extremely excited to see how it translates on the field. If you’re serious about improving your game I would highly suggest training with Alex. If you are content with mediocrity then I wouldn’t recommend Alex’s services.

-Yale Hughes, Starting Pitcher/Outfielder (West Liberty University)

Working with Alex has been hands down the best training experience I’ve ever had. I’ve been working out for awhile and so far nothing has even come close to the work I’ve done at Simone Baseball Performance. I’ve been through the weight room life at the Division 1 level and it was good, but with Alex it was better. Serious, professional workouts. Workouts that major league ball players would do, or any highly trained athlete for that matter. In fact, many times I’d get the pleasure of being able to workout right beside professional athletes. Not very often do you get to work with someone who has been through the things you want to go through and has achieved some of the goals you aspire to reach one day. Alex is that guy. He loves what he does and he doesn’t cheat himself or the guys he trains for a second. Nothing like getting that late night text saying he’s got a good one for us in the morning. And sure enough, come 11 am he did. He knows what he’s talking about down to a science, I trust everything he tells me. Simply because it works. And in just couple weeks that was proven true for me, it payed off. In all honesty I wish I could have hopped on the Simone Gainz Train a long time ago, God only knows where I’d be performance wise now. I came to him with a goal to get quicker, faster, stronger, and improve my lifting techniques. I reached those goals and more. The stuff we did was no joke, and Alex is just the man. You’re not going to find someone or something much better for the price and availability he brings to the table. I’d recommend him to any athlete serious about improving their performance, pushing past their limits, reaching their goals, and living their dreams. It’s been an opportunity I’ll always be thankful for.

– Ricky Sisto, Infielder (Monroe Community College)

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