Recruiting: HOW and WHEN Should you Contact College Coaches?

(Photo of Cleveland Indians SS, Francisco Lindor at Perfect Game National Showcase. Photo Credit: Perfect Game USA)

Alex, I am a sophomore in High School and was wondering when and how I should start reaching out to college coaches. Please get back to me. Thank You!

Danny S. 

Danny, I don’t think now is a good time to be reaching out to college coaches and I’ll tell you why. You’re ONLY a sophomore in high school! I wouldn’t start reaching out to schools until your junior year. By that time you will have had made over a year and a half of improvements to your game. You will have played more games, trained more hours in the gym, and improved your swing, or pitching mechanics(if you pitch). You shouldn’t be so eager to reach out to schools when you have over a year to develop your game and become a better player.

So let’s fast forward… Next year when you’re a rising junior in high school how should you reach out to college coaches? There’s many different ways you can go about this, and it will depend on the situation you’re in. These are the most popular ways kids are being seen by college coaches. You must decide what way is best for you.

College Camps – Many colleges put together “showcase” camps where they give you a chance to showcase your skills and be seen by the head and assistant coaches. You have to be realistic here. If you’re a player who needs more time to develop maybe it’s not a good idea to attend a Division 1 baseball camp with hopes of being offered a scholarship on the spot. Now on the other hand, if a coach has seen you play and has contacted you saying that they would like to have you come to their camp, then you should go.

Perfect Game Tournaments – Perfect Game tournaments offer fantastic opportunities to be seen by college and pro scouts. They also offer you the opportunity to play against the best of the best and develop your skills. I personally played in tons of perfect game tournaments in Georgia, Florida, Long Island etc., and I think they’re a fantastic opportunity to be seen.

Showcases – These go hand and hand with college camps. There are only a few scenarios were I see attending a showcase would be worth it. One, if you have been invited to Area Code, East Coast Pro, or the Perfect Game National showcase and two, if you’re a senior and it’s your last resort to be seen. If you don’t fall into one of those categories, don’t waste your money!

Making Video to Send to Coaches – This I think is your BEST and most AFFORDABLE option. The internet and social media is the way of the world now, you can make a video on your phone and email it directly to a college coach. If that coach is interested in you he will contact you, it’s as simple as that. What should you include in your video? Your video should include: video of you hitting or pitching, running (if you can), throwing to bases, playing defense at the position you play (pitchers don’t need video of them fielding ground balls). That’s really all a coach wants to see in a video. You could also include; some training clips like those seen in this video: 

I added the performance clips to my video because one of my biggest “tools” as a player, was speed. Liken your video to a resume when you’re applying for a job. You will need to sell yourself with your quality skills and strengths.

Danny, train hard, play more games, and improve your game on a daily basis over the course of this year. Once your junior year rolls around college coaches will be running to recruit YOU! Hope this helps!


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