Aerobic Capacity Workout Featuring – Professional Pitchers


9 Inning Gauntlet Workout – Performed by Boston Red Sox Pitcher, Kevin McAvoy & Washington Nationals Pitcher, Matt Pirro

Kevin McAvoy & Matt Pirro’s Full Aerobic Capacity Workout:

1st Inning – Jump Rope [5 min non-stop]

2nd Inning – Band Pull Apart’s [100 Reps As Fast As Possible]

3rd Inning – Assault Bike Tempo Intervals [30 sec on 30 sec off keeping speed around 25-30 mph]

4th Inning – Crocodile Walks [2 sets x 40 yards each set]

5th Inning – Sledgehammer Smashes [2 sets x 6 reps each side]

6th Inning – Reactive Heiden “Skater” Jumps [3 sets x 30 sec.]

7th Inning – Reactive Medicine Ball Rotational Throw [1 min each side]

8th Inning – Reverse Bear Crawl w/Weight Plates [2 sets x 20 yards]

9th Inning – Sled Suicides [1 set x 120 yards total]

Can YOU survive the 9 Inning GAUNTLET??

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