Lower Body Contrast Training Workout Featuring – College Position Players


TRIPLE THREAT Workout – Performed by Youngstown State University Catcher, Anthony Santoro, Saint Rose College Catcher, Joe Deluca, & Niagara County Community College Catcher, Kaleb Kille

Anthony Santoro, Joe Deluca, and Kaleb Kille’s Full Lower Body Power Contrast Workout:

1A. Inertia Squats – Work up to 6 sets x 1 Heavy Single *Take 10-20 second rest and alternate between performing a box jump & sprint(1B)
1B. Box Jumps/Push-Up Sprint Starts 3 sets x 2 reps (Max Box Height/10 Yard Sprint)  – ALTERNATE between a box jump and push-up sprint after each set of an Inertia Squat. After your 6 sets of Inertia squats are complete you should have performed 3 sets of SPRINTS and 3 sets of BOX JUMPS **After 1 set is complete, REST 3-5 minutes 

Example: On the first set – perform 1 rep of an Inertia Squat – Rest 10-20 seconds and perform a Box Jump. On the second set – perform 1 rep of an Inertia Squat – Rest 10-20 seconds and perform a Sprint.

2. “Stop and Go” Deceleration Farmer Carry’s 3 sets x 30 seconds with random directions given by coach (Stop, Forward, Hold, Backward)

3A. Banded Dumbbell RDL’s 3 sets x 8 reps
3B. Rope Rotational Chop 3 sets x 10 reps

***Exercises grouped together (A and B) are to be superset together.

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