Q: Hi Alex, my name is Cameron and Iʼm a freshman pitcher in high school. I need help with improving my velocity as I only throw in the upper 70s. Do you have a weighted ball program I can follow to increase my velocity quick?

Cameron, as with anything the method of using weighted balls is rarely the problem. The application however, is. Iʼm 100% FOR weighted ball throwing programs as Iʼve seen them work like magic for high level pitchers (Professional & College) that Iʼve played with and trained. The problem is they need to be applied within the right population of athletes, with the right preparation, and at the right times. If youʼre a freshman in high school Iʼm guessing you havenʼt reached your strength or power “ceiling” yet. Improving your foundational strength, mobility, and power should be at the very top of your list right now. You WILL throw harder by improving these areas. Having said this, I definitely DO NOT suggest that you start a weighted ball throwing program as a freshman in high school. Every successful weighted ball program Iʼve seen has come after that athlete had built a great base of foundational strength, mobility, and power.

Iʼve added videos of a few of my favorite power, strength, and mobility exercises that I favor for pitchers below:

Power Exercise: Repeated Heiden “Skater” Jumps – Performed by Washington Nationals RHP, Matt Pirro

Power Exercise: Figure 8 Rollover Stomp – Performed by Kansas City Royals RHP, Scott Blewett

Strength Exercise: Trap Bar Deadlift

Mobility Exercise: Spider-Man Lunge W/Hip Lift and Overhead Reach

Arm Care Exercise: Half-Kneeling Cable External Rotation at 90 Degrees – Scapular Plane

Improve your power, strength, mobility, pitching mechanics etc. and you will throw harder. Once you progress in your athletic career (mid to late college, professional) then you can start thinking about incorporating a weighted ball program.


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