TOP 10 Exercises for Increasing BAT SPEED and POWER


Q: Alex, What are some exercises I can add into my workouts to improve my bat- speed and power? I work out about 5 times a week and train hard. However, I really think Iʼm missing something when training to improve my bat speed and power.

Anthony T.

Anthony, itʼs hard for me to say what exercises youʼre missing without telling me what your training regimen involves. However, I will provide you with my TOP 10 Exerciseʼs for Increasing Bat Speed and Power. This way, you can add these exercises to your workouts where they seem fit.

10. Sledgehammer Tire Chop  

9. Rear Foot Elevated Bulgarian Split Squats – This is my favorite unilateral (single-leg) strength training exercise for a few reasons. One, itʼs really hard and provides an unbelievable lower body strength benefit. Second, this exercise improves lower body range of motion, specifically mobility in the hip flexors and groin.

8. Medicine Ball Throws (Chest Passes, Overhead Throws) – Medicine ball throws are easy, and effective ways to improve upper and lower body power. I really like medicine ball throws because there is zero deceleration component as there would be with a barbell (ex: barbell bench press).

7. Towel Pull-up

6. Rope Rotary Pull – The goal of anti-movement patterns is to resist forces that are trying to rotate our body. We do this by stabilizing the said force with our core.

5. Heiden (Skater) Jumps – This is a GREAT exercise for developing power outside the saggital plane. With Heiden jumps, you want to get in and out of your hip as fast as possible. The same as you would when you hit or throw.

4. ALL Farmer Carry Variations – Farmer carryʼs are safe, effective, and the variations are ENDLESS. Anytime you can enhance your grip and core strength with one single movement, it has to be an all-star exercise.

3. Weight Loaded Box Jump – The number one way to develop any kind of power is through weighted jumping exercises. You can add weight with dumbbells (as seen in video), weight vests, and ankle weights.

2. Medicine Ball Shot Put Rotational Throw –

1. Box Squat & Deadlift – These compound lifts provide unbelievable strength and power in your lower half, as well as develop TRUE core strength. Master these exercises, and your entire body will be stronger.

This list above include “my” favorite exercises. There are many more quality exercises I left out of this list. These are just the exercises that have worked best for me and my athletes. If you want blazing bat speed and light tower power theyʼll work for you too!


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