What’s the BEST Workout for Increasing POWER & BAT SPEED?


Alex, honestly what’s the best workout to do for bat-speed and power? I am a first team all-state high school center fielder with a high batting average, but I don’t hit the ball far. Please help!

-Nicolas G.

Nicolas, I think I can help you out here! First off let me tell you theres no ONE workout I can give you to do that’s going to magically improve your bat speed and power. However, what I can do is highlight a couple areas that if you improve upon, will directly correlate to increased power and bat-speed. Without further ado, here is the Simone’s Baseball Performance BIG 3 ways to develop POWER and BAT-SPEED.

3. Mobility – You might be saying, how is movement going to increase my power/bat- speed, Alex? Simple, many athletes are so tight and restricted in their glutes, hips, wrists, shoulders, obliques ect. If we’re tight and lack basic movement qualities, we can’t get to optimal positions in our swing. We can’t use our backside, as well as drive our back knee in our swing. Personally, my wrists always were tight, and would hurt my first couple rounds until they would finally warm up near the end. Mobility and movement is key to unlocking your potential. Swing without opening up your hips/tight areas in your lower body and upper body one day. The next day, do ten minutes of mobility work and see how much better you hit.

2. Grip Strength – Yes, I walked around as a kid squeezing that little squishy ball because my dad would tell me my forearms would be strong as an ox. It definitely does work but lets face it, no one wants to walk around squeezing a ball all day. The truth is grip strength is HUGE, as you probably already know. The stronger your grip becomes the lighter your bat feels, the lighter your bat feels, the quicker your hands will move through the zone to the ball. Now, let’s talk about more practical ways to increase grip strength. Farmer Carries are one of my favorite ways. I literally incorporate all different variations with my athletes at least once a week. Anytime your strengthening your grip as well as your core with loaded carry variations it’s an all-star exercise in my book! Now, if you follow me on any of my social media platforms you know I LOVE using Fat Gripz with my athletes. There awesome because all you have to do is plop them on any dumbbell or barbell and BANG you’re working on your grip strength and getting stronger! Ps. Fat Gripz has been so kind as to send me a few pairs of Fat Gripz to give away this month. That means YOU GUYS are getting stronger! Stay tuned to my social media for your chance to win a pair!

In this video, Joe is performing a floor press with an added bonus! Fat Gripz turn this normal chest move into a grip strength battle!

1. Upper & Lower Body Strength & Power – No news flash here. A strong, powerful, and explosive upper and lower body is the key to dropping bombs! How do we do this? Incorporate Max Effort, and Dynamic (Speed) Effort upper and lower body days into your workout routines. You need to not only lift heavy weight but work at sub- maximal percentages (55 – 65%) of your 1RM. What lifts are best? The big three: squats, deadlifts, and bench press variations. Typically this is how I would organize a week just so you can kind of see how I schedule the main exercises in the dynamic and max-effort days.

Monday – Max Effort Lower Body – Squats or Deadlifts @ 70-85% of 1RM -(and this varies sometimes I just have my guys work up to a 3 to 5 rep max)
Tuesday – Dynamic Effort Upper – Eccentric (6 sec. lowering) DB Bench Press or Speed Bench @ 55 – 60% of 1RM

Wednesday – Speed/Active Recovery or OFF
Thursday – Dynamic Lower Body – Eccentric (6 sec. lowering) Bulgarians SS, Speed Squats, or Deadlifts @ 55 – 60% of 1RM
Friday – Max Effort Upper Body-Bench Press Variation @ 70-85% of 1RM
Saturday- Speed/Active Recovery or OFF
Sunday- OFF

In this video Nick Sinay, Toronto Blue Jays Outfielder is performing dynamic box squats to enhance his lower body strength, and power.

Improve these areas Nicolas and you’ll be hitting bombs in no time my man!!


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