What can I do In the Gym to Throw Harder?


Q: Alex, I am a young player wanting to progress to the next level. Iʼm a pitcher who as good stuff, 15 years old and I throw 76. I have a natural sink to my fastball and a good circle change as well as curve. As for throwing harder, what do I hit in the gym?

-Owen W.

Owen, many things go into throwing harder as you know. Mechanics, Lower Body Strength, Shoulder Mobility, Upper Back Strength and General Mobility. The list goes on and on. Elite professional pitchers will agree with me that velocity is largely dependent on strength level. Mechanics is a huge part as well, but for this question, weʼre just covering exercises.

1. Lower Body Strength – Box Squats and Deadlifts, Thereʼs just nothing better to building lower body strength and power in my opinion. Building strength in your lower half is crucial to you throwing harder. Hereʼs what Tampa Bay Rays Pitcher, Chris Archer had to say about Jake Arrietaʼs success last year!


2. Shoulder Mobility & Strength – Shoulder CARS (FRC) – Dynamic Motor Control Drill, CARS stands for Controlled Articular Rotations. With this exercise we want to drive our arms through the ceiling. When we do this we are creating lots of stability as well as new range of motion in the shoulder.

3. Upper Back Strength – Y, T, W Holds & Band Pull – Apart Variations, A strong upper back is crucial because it supports your shoulder, itʼs your launching pad, train it with crazy volume. Building a strong upper back also supports your shoulder to accelerate and decelerate at more efficient motor patterns.


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